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[Solved] Laptop Stuck on 0% Available (Plugged In)


As I can guess you’re here because your laptop isn’t charging and displays “0% available (plugged in).” I’ve experienced the same frustration with my own laptop recently. For context, this was a Gigabyte laptop running Windows 10. Without further ado, here’s a guide to help you identify and fix the problem. Follow the steps below…

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Top level schematic sheet
DIY alarm circuit. Part 1.

Do you hate it when someone steals from you? Personally, I find it rather irritating. However, there have been instances of thieves visiting our apartment building’s underground garage. And thieves…

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PCB material properties

Often, when designing printed circuit boards (PCBs), people do not even think about the materials used for their production. Unfortunately, these materials are critical to the performance of PCBs. That’s…

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